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Red Army

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By far the finest vodka I have ever tasted. Smooth, good flavor, but does not burn like many other vodkas.
Reviewer: Craig

This vodka has got to be the very best vodka I have ever had. I have to admit, I purchased it for the cool bottle, I had no idea the contents would be the best I have ever had.
Reviewer: Carey Holzman

The bottle is really nice. The contents IMHO aren't that much better than something like Absolut.
Reviewer: mikehell

Trust me, this is the best vodka out there. I am not sure if it is available outside of Russia but those who have never tried it are missing out on a perfect vodka. You can trust a person who has researched the art of vodka for 15 years.
Reviewer: Sergey

Red Army is definitely the best vodka available - and I've been drinking vodka for many years and have tried examples from all over the world. As I currently live in the UK I get my "RAV" from Red Wine Ltd. (www.red-wine.biz) the only supplier over here.
Reviewer: Chris (Yozheek)

a wonderful spirit, the bottle design did not apeal to me as i thought that the company was over-marketing the product. the contents were among the best i have ever tasted. in fact it has landed in my top 3 of over 60 products sampled and reviewed in the last 3 years
Reviewer: Moses

Best vodka I ever tasted, but I suspect it's either no longer in production or not being exported. I hoarded a few bottles years ago when it was being sold in NH state liquor stores. Kept the bottles to fill with lesser quality stuff.
Reviewer: Mike

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