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Iceberg Vodka

Reviews to date: 32Average score: 4
Country: CanadaDistilled from: GrainCompany: Iceberg
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The unique feature about this vodka is that the water has been frozen since the last ice age - about 10,000- 12,000 years ago. The water is very pure since there was no pollution except the occassional volcano eruption.
Reviewer: Philip Power

It's pure as an iceberg
Reviewer: Mike Hanlon

I'm drinking it right now, and I gotta say, I bought it on recommendation from a friend. At the very reasonable price of $13 for a 750ml bottle, I was VERY skeptical. I figured it would be fine for mixing a Screwdriver or Bloody Mary, and might even be just OK for a shot, but was completely surprised at how smooth and CLEAN it tastes. I'm very impressed, and plan to get another bottle when this one is gone. Excellent flavor, even if it were almost twice the price, IMO.
Reviewer: TJ Weger

I saw this vodka rated number one in the latest edition of Ney York Resident magazine, and man did they get this one right. Clean, ultra smooth, slight pepper on the nose, warmth but little to no burn. Your site is wrong, it's not a grain vodka, it's corn. I know corn is a grain, but it's different enough to warrant a mention.
Reviewer: Peter T. Miller

Iceberg tastes like vodka but has a very clean finish. I wish it was easier to find in the US. Everytime i cross the border i try to pick it up at duty free. The best value in vodka.
Reviewer: Jack Chance

Very clean, lots of character, a bit of a burn on the finish. It always seems to give me a headache, though. If not for this, I'd drink it very often, indeed.
Reviewer: kiel

after a hard days work investing money it great to invest inmy self with a cool iceburg vodka...
Reviewer: schauss

A true world class Vodka at a street price. Water is one of the most important elements. The "taste" of many other vodkas is just the pollution and contaminents in the water used. I like the idea of a clear, crisp, simpler vodka.
Reviewer: Doug Cottrell

smooth and great taste. no aftertaste
Reviewer: richard starr

good vodka and a good value for the money, if you like it try banff ice
Reviewer: jeremy s

Slightly better than Crystal Palace. Star award would be 0, but they don't have that option. Grain Alcohol is better!!! Regret having bought this and will use left over as toilet cleaner. 3 times distilled: My Ass. Charcoal Filtered: 0. Worst hooch ever, at a rediculous price. Label: Very Attractive. Packaging: Very convenient. Next Morning: "You want to shoot yourself!!!. Need Migraine antidote after consumption!! Makes Skol and Popov taste like Holy Water!!
Reviewer: michel

Iceburg has replaced Goose. All referrals have liked it. Great price. Mixed or on the rocks.
Reviewer: Bruce Moyers

Very clean, and crisp-nice- a wee harsh at times- better as a mixed drink then straight up in a Martini-price is nice.
Reviewer: peter mizla

it's smooth, clean and crisp, but has a confused unrefined flavor... slightly grainy and peppery. the mouthfeel is very thin and the smell is harsh. overall, better than some premiums, but no standard or stallion...
Reviewer: EsocLucius

Reviewer: cvgt

better than the goose and better than absolute, better than any russian vodka i ever tased. can't be beat by anything in its price class. people who trash this stuff must have been too drunk to write a review.
Reviewer: HA

I've tried over a hundred different vodkas and Iceberg is in the Top 5 worse! Rubbing alcohol's cousin.
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

It's very difficult to get good Vodka in here in Montreal. You have to overpay $40 some odd dollars for Grey Goose and Belvedere. I've tried them all. This is just as good as Belvedere in my opinion. I drink with Soda and lemon. Fantastic taste, great finish, clean. No hangover the next morning after polishing a bottle with 1 other person.
Reviewer: Mark

I'm a bartender and I can conclusively say that this is the best Vodka I have ever tasted, not to mention the great price. Would give this 6/5 if I could.
Reviewer: Gofer

Best Vodka I've ever had... They use the purest water in the world and as %60 of Vodka is water it makes it very unique and smooth. Easy to mix, drink and, digest. Makes amazing vodkatinis.
Reviewer: Beau

Best inexpensive vodka I've found, I like Ivanabitch for some reason, probably the cool name but this drink is incredible for the price almost as good as the vodka made from grapes.
Reviewer: Vladi

I truly enjoy Iceberg as my every day drinker. It ranks up with Stoli in my book anyway. The big winner is the price for the quality! You can't touch anything similar for 2x the price! Give this one a try!
Reviewer: Stephan

Awesome; pretentious people will not like the price; they feel unless they pay a ton of money then vodka isn't good. They are wrong. I've been in the wine/spirits/food industry for several years and this is amazing. Too many vodka's have very strong aftertastes, but this is clean, and refreshing. Tastes very pure and I have now many friends hooked on it. Try it; you'll like it!
Reviewer: Jim

This vodka is horrible. It's nothing but water and alcohol. Vodka should never taste like this and I would never buy Iceberg Vodka again. Bartender who said this was the best vodka he's ever tried should retire.
Reviewer: Tom

second to grey goose,good stuff,great value for money.
Reviewer: arnold rampersad

I like it because of the graduations on the bottle. I drink a pint, BUT it doesn't feel like I consumed that much alcohol, leading me to believe that it is not as strong as 40%.
Reviewer: loser

Easily the best vodka on the market for the price. Even with all prices being equal, this is a top 3 vodka among its peers. Smooth taste, little burn, no aftertaste. If you don't like this vodka, you have no idea what a good vodka should taste like. 5/5 stars.
Reviewer: Lukav

Found this in South Africa and gave it a go ... not bad one of the best I have tasted and a very low price.
Reviewer: JimmyJungles

A refreshingly smooth vodka though lacking in flavour. Did ok in the blind taste tests. A good value for the price that will do well in a martini or mix in a pinch.
Reviewer: steve chelmicki

At first you might think that this is a flavoured vodka, but that soon melts away to grossness and the wonder of what you're supposed to do with the rest of the bottle. I'd take Alberta Pure or just about anything else over this. It just doesn't taste like an un-artificially flavoured vodka should. Weather it's made from clean water is beside the point, I'll never buy this again.
Reviewer: William Olekson

Bought this as a fun drinking vodka for friends and I. Never again. Rubbing alcohol has more taste and redeeming qualities in comparisson to this disgrace of good water. Canadians should not be left with the burden of this awful drink claiming residence along side them. Never.
Reviewer: Jamal

So smooth and clean tasting with a brief, but pleasant peppery finish. Among the best vodkas I have ever tried. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a bottle.
Reviewer: Mav 221

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