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Very smooth Vodka, from Ireland. Although not known as a Vodka-producing country, this has become my favourite. Comparable with Russky Standart or Smirnoff Black. If you can find it, it's well worth a try.
Reviewer: Mark Balsom

This is awful vodka. Nobody in ireland will drink it straight. To compare this to russky Standart is nearly criminal!
Reviewer: Nick

it taste clean like a ketel 1, first time with it today would buy it again
Reviewer: brian elfring

Not the most smooth, but smooth enough to please the general party crowd. Slightly sweet taste.
Reviewer: brad

I think this is very good vodka for the price ($19.95 1.75).
Reviewer: B

I bought because it was Irish and took it to a friend's St Patrick's day party. It was $18 and pleasent tasting. Then i saw it was on sale for $10 a bottle. I stocked up. At that price point how could anyone go wrong. Lately its still on sale for $12. I'd recommend it even at its $18 dollar price.
Reviewer: george

A little harsh, and it had an unattractive chalky and mealy mouthfeel. I thought i tasted lime - but not in a nice citrusy way.
Reviewer: Andy

Neutral nose, which is good. Slightly oily body with long legs developing quickly on glass. The taste is great also. There seems to be a ever so slight vanilla touch with a powdered sugar fade at the finish. A nice ester of alcohol in a good way rounds it out to create a perfect balance of taste, texture and incredible smoothness!You really need to give this vodka a place on your "AAA" list!!!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Well this has been my go to vodka for the longest time now and has never let me down with its awesome smoothness. Wow!
Reviewer: Brian

Supremely smooth vodka. Enough kick to be a true vodka, but also very smooth. When chilled it it like drinking cold water from a spring. Would recommend to anyone as it is my favorite vodka.
Reviewer: Sam

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