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It's worth every penny ... Maybe not as drinkable as other brands, because (and I'm thinking here of wines and trying to make an analogy) it is full-bodied and exhausts your taste buds, but definitely a remarcable vodka in the genuine Polish tradition (100% rye), smooth and full of character.
Reviewer: Bogdan Petculescu

It has been proven that Poland invented vodka in the late 1500s. The Russians can no get away with stealing the fame form Poland any longer.
Reviewer: Konrad Krzysztof

A truly classic vodka with just the right combination of warmth and bite. Always have a bottle handy.
Reviewer: Harry

Strong like bull, but warm and smooth, also exotic and very typical of Vodka out of eastern Europe, very little burn, makes a great martini.
Reviewer: Peter

I was really disappointed by this Vodka. Its' not bad, but it definately isn't as smooth as, say LUKSOSOWA the vodka of all vodka's! Wyborowa would be good on a camping trip or outside during the winter as it's ending bite would fit the situation. But if it is smoothness and / or sweetness you are looking for there are better choices, IMO.
Reviewer: Chris

This is good vodka smooth to drink a fine polish product.
Reviewer: StonedWookie

A very good, and very traditional vodka. Like many of the Polish vodkas it has a full bodied flavor and a bit of an edge, but no unpleasant aftertaste. Smooth, but not as much of a "slippery" or oily mouth feel as Luksusova (but even the best grain vodkas often differ in this regard from potato vodkas). Great out of the freezer and for a quality martini. Chris Gonko
Reviewer: chris

Fantastic martini "wodka". Very dry,clean and sharp straight. Just bought 1 liter $12.99 U.S. at Canadian Duty Free store.
Reviewer: Rob

Poland's number one vodka, so the label says. The Poles know how to make a wide variety of vodkas. Wybrowa is a classic vodka in the oldest tradition. Does it have some heat? Hell yeah. But the texture is out of this world. Oily and full of body. This vodka has more body than some whiskeys out there. Rye, cocoa and cream fill the mouth and nose. This Polish vodka will put some hair on your chest, but the spicy flavor from the Polish rye gives it an extra star. Most vodkas have that all too familiar burn, but very few have a backbone of flavor to make it worth while.
Reviewer: Darryl

great vodka good value and not overpriced, way better than most of the "popular" brands, definately worth a try
Reviewer: jeremy s

Medium cream nose, almond, toasted rye and light orange zest notes, medium finish. Similar to it's single batch version, Wyborowa offers a complex, if not slightly less focused set of tasting notes with a creamy approach to the pallet. For a rye, it's always a good choice, mabey not *as* polished as others, but as far as standard shelf [INVALID]ion goes, you can't go wrong. If you enjoy Wyborowa, and wish to try a premium in the same vein, Wyborowa Exquisite will more than surprise you. I've reviewed it as well :).
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

there is only one vodka, and thats polish vodka the genuine vodka not the pretend russian vodka
Reviewer: Edmund gosztyla

A great choice in terms of Polish Vodka. Found it first in Mexico City and was surprised on how smooth it went down as a sipping vodka. Great for the price!
Reviewer: Art Douglas

Extraordinary ratio quality/price! Wodka oily, soft, elegant.
Reviewer: Piero (Italy)

Smooth with a hint of sweetness (rye). My favorite sipping Wodka.
Reviewer: Mark Konczel

First vodka that attracted me for longer than any other before, and I have tried 70% vodkas available in the Eastern US. Wybo is smooth and warm with a full body. Great for drinking neat, chilled, mixed. I like how I feel the next day if I happened to overindulge night before
Reviewer: Wiktoria

Wyborowa is freaking awesome. It's light and zesty on the nose, pours like water, and goes down like a thick, rich cream. It's got just the tiniest spicy nip of a bite at the end, unlike the big kick I would have expected from a Polish rye; but again, the body and mouthfeel are so thick and substantial that I just might have a new favorite.
Reviewer: Sam W.

This vodka is awesome for the price. One of those overlooked drinks that fall between the cracks. It's balanced, nuanced and has a full mouthfeel without being overwhelming. Works in a variety of contexts. You won't be disappointed!
Reviewer: Mark

Classic Polish vodka. Made from rye so it will def. taste different than any potato or wheat vodka (but doesn't meant worse or better; different). I tried it neat and liked it, I keep drinking it 2+ years since first taste, never got sick after it. Easier on the palate than many other brands and well priced. A solid
Reviewer: Wiktoria

It is simply an awesome vodka, full-bodied and smooth with a slight burn. Makes an awesome martini and can be drunk straight even at room temperature. It can easily compete with vodkas that are much higher priced, such as grey goose or Stolichnaya. Price/Performance ratio can only be compared to Luksusowa, another polish vodka that is smoother but less sweet.
Reviewer: Alper

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