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.RU Classic

Reviews to date: 17Average score: 3.12
Country: RussiaDistilled from: RyeCompany: VMI Limited
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Someone turned me on to this vodka about 10 years ago and I've been drinking it ever since! I am a true vodka drinker and have never tasted anything smoother. It's the best taste and buy for your buck!
Reviewer: Lynne corbett

the best vodka i,ve ever tasted its so smooth !
Reviewer: suzy

Reviewer: Joe Revezzo

I was a big Sobieski supporter. BUT, no longer as the last three bottles I bought (from different merchants) did not have the little plastic pourer insert. This is difficult if you're used to counting out the measurement in each drink. Now I have to use a measuring glass to measure each drink as the Vodka pours out rapidly without this insert. What gives? Are they cutting back??? Very disappointed!!!
Reviewer: Marge

being a huge fan of the original i was disappointed with the aggressiveness of this vodka. i'll pass on this and stick to my regular russian standard.
Reviewer: steve chelmicki

Very smooth!
Reviewer: Giselle Conheeney

Yes, This is an excellent vodka. Nothing fancy, no extra flavors or infusions, but a solid, clean and smoothly textured vodka with little burn.
Reviewer: Mark

One of the best I've had. I like Ciroc and Belvedere and Fris is at the top of my list.
Reviewer: TOP

Every time I've purchased it I have an extremely difficult time opening the bottle
Reviewer: R. Bates

Used to be a staple in my house but I read labels and I don't want "natural flavors" in my vodka. It's much too vague.
Reviewer: Hannah

I've never gotten sick after drinking Crystal Palace, Its not Grey Goose, for the price you can't beat it.
Reviewer: Tom V

As a college student I know that this vodka isn't great, but mixed emwith lemonade or in a slushy is pretty good, it's helped me get undercover wasted many a time.
Reviewer: The jett

I give it 5 stars!!! I usually have a banging headache after a good drinking night....no hang over and I feel good.
Reviewer: Jemel

I am a new consumer of Vodka. What I look for in a vodka is Smoothness, Ethanol taste, after taste, and the feeling of it going into my stomach. I am rather sensitive and don't enjoy the ethanol taste. I find this vodka to be very good when consumed neat from the freezer. I found it had zero burn, little taste, and felt nice going down. This I feel is a smooth vodka that will be stocked on my shelf regularly.
Reviewer: Brian

Unless my vodka got switched with nyquil, this bottle is essentially a sleeping drink. Let me start with the very few pros: price and taste. It is an extremely cheap bottle which suits my college lifestyle and the taste is rather smooth, which makes it easy to go down. However, I have never hated being drunk more. I am "drunk" right now writing this review and I bet no one could tell. This vodka gives none of the drunk effects which we like, aka dancing, energetic, outgoing. This makes me want to sleep more than going out. I never thought I'd ever experience this with alcohol before but thanks to Pinnacle, I can... Never buy this. I'm warning you. You are welcome.
Reviewer: James Abbott

Tell you what. I drink my vodka with two ice cubes and a half a can of Schweppes orange seltzer. In a coffee mug LOL. I buy mid shelf vodka whatever is on sale. Why? Retired. Some of my favorites are look sosua you know what I mean Amsterdam I don't even need absolute it's just not that impressive 360 is in my opinion very good as I say I mix it with seltzer I don't need freaking Grey Goose. Just wanted to add my two cents about 360 I'm in four stars
Reviewer: Kent

I thought it was great vodka till I woke up the next morning. Just drank a 5th and totally drunk as a dog. I also had gout and a hang over.
Reviewer: David

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