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You are missing the boat when you do not include Popov Vodka in your reviews. It's got all of your so called good vodkas beaten and it is affordable. I've tried them all!
Reviewer: Bruce Crabtree

Another knockoff of Smirnoff for you experts that might not know. The plastic bottle gives it away! Drink it out of a plastic cup with a hole in the bottom! Yuk! Good for imbalming.
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

In a blind tasting, Popov beat ALL of the Shell and Conoco products hands-down, every time.
Reviewer: Bongo Boy

popov is not that bad if you intend to drink the whole bottle in one sitting :}
Reviewer: brian

tastes like burning.
Reviewer: joe

Popov rules!!! (But then, I'm not drinking it for the taste!!)
Reviewer: Will Z

The perfect party vodka!
Reviewer: jeff

i only drink "blue" 100proof. toss it in the freezer and do shots with a beer or a soda. not to bad,gets the job done.
Reviewer: roystr

The worst vodka I have ever had! Tastes like I would expect rubbing alcohol to taste. Disgusting.
Reviewer: Julie

My stomach got really mad at me for this one, and I didn't even have that much! STAY AWAY FROM POPOV!!! (In Russian the word Popa means your BUTT...)
Reviewer: Danna

Having now been converted to the home-purification method of running my vodkas through a water filtration pitcher, and thereby making them into hangoverless elixir, this is the inexpensive vodka best suited for it. It is cheap, and not altogether toxic to begin with -- meaning that the filtration will actually work its wonder upon it. If you go too cheap with your vodkas, i.e. straight-out generics, filtration won't help all that much. If you have the bucks, then yeah, go upscale. Skyy has a perfect price-to-quality ratio. But for us college folk, buy cheap (but not too cheap), then filter it. For that purpose, Popov is the one.
Reviewer: Tristan

Just typing the word Popov makes me want to heave
Reviewer: hugh Jass

Excellent buzz.
Reviewer: Jack Irons

One night Mrrsi gave me some popov and my life has never been the same....
Reviewer: JK

not bad well mixd drink vodka
Reviewer: CJ

Popov does not give me headaches after a night of serious drinking, has an ok flavor and is cheap in price. A good choice for mixing. My boss can't smell it!
Reviewer: Neo

This vodka is a good buy belive it or not. For under 12 bucks you can get your hands on a 1.75 liter bottle, it mixes pretty good, and as far as i can tell it's pretty undetectable.
Reviewer: izzy

10$ in new hampshire. For the extra dollar, it really does taste less noxious. While it is still plastic bottle "dirt" liquor, it can actually be drank straight. It's definately a step above its peers in flavor and palatability. A real bargain for the cost, making it ideal for mixed drinks and college settings.
Reviewer: dave kinzler

are you kidding me? this thing comes in a plastic bottle. enough said.
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

Popov is a great vodka for the price. It's smooth compared to other discount vodkas. However, it doesn't taste good.
Reviewer: John

burning fire and bitterness. Enough said.
Reviewer: Jimmyman

i like my popov cold. i it in the freezer. my last fifth turned into slush. are you starting to water it down?
Reviewer: todd

Sharp charcoal nose, unpolished sour olive body, long rough finish. When looking for a budget brand, there has to be some limit. Somehow, the money seems to go into the plastic bottle.
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

This is pretty caustic stuff, defined by its bite, burn, and way of making straight-shooting college students hack and gasp as they pull the plastic jug from their lips. Tastes very plastic jug tier, but slightly so more tolerable both while drinking and next morning than the devilishly cheap regional generics. If it were cheaper, maybe in a grave pinch, but most anything else is better for the money.
Reviewer: Dave

Cheap, universally available at most liquor stores, a drink tub mixer that is no worse than Everclear and, if you have to, can be used as windshield washer fluid.
Reviewer: Buckwood

If you manage to finish this bottle of hurt in one sitting you are a brave soul. I think they should put a lable on this stuff that says do not drink if you are past that i party way to much for my own good stage.
Reviewer: Joshua S

i'd rate the palatability of popov to be just above that of a concentrated lye solution.
Reviewer: thomas smyth

In a past review I said I'd had worse. This is it. Popov. Its just awful. You don't need a drink that bad.
Reviewer: Maritimer

unfortunate taste from the bottle and now from my lungs! I have always liked popov vodka cause its low price and decend cheap vodka taste. I just bought a bottle that tastes like straight nail polish remover! never again!
Reviewer: wooly

Too many people say Popov is not good because of its plastic bottle. However, eventhough I'm not a professional taster, I can say that in a blind taste you can get surprised. Flavor is ok, in throat is clean, in comparison with other cheap vodkas, I did not feel headaches or burn inside my stomach. Maybe this vodka is not on my first options, but if do you want to give high quality on a party without spending a lot, Popov must be on the list!
Reviewer: Ricardo Juarez

Have purchased this a couple times now. Drank over several weeks. Stomach doesn't feel good. Have to switch. No bad hangovers though, when drank moderately...
Reviewer: Johnny2015

I give it four stars because I think it gets a bad name for some cultural reason but when you actually compare the product with its neighbors on the bottom shelf it is far above those other s*** vodkas. Just as if you taste Belvedere or Grey Goose and realize they aren't worth the price, popov is the inverse. It's better than its price. Noticeable less hangovers as well
Reviewer: Bigfruity

Very surprised! Excellent vodka, shitty bottle! Much better than Grey Goose and other premiums out there!
Reviewer: scott

This jet fuel is dope to mix with lots of Adderall if you are looking for something to keep your amp output high octane over the course of a fun weekend of aggressive binge drinking. Tastes like unreal dragon's breath, the bottle is deceptively well-crafted and sturdy. If your looking to drink at least 8-10 1.75 liter bottles a night, then spend your loot on this incredibly reasonably priced brand. Comparable with grey goose, absolut, much better than smirnoff and svedka in flavor, but way cheaper! What's stopping you? BUY THIS! You will not regret. Impossible to match this brand!
Reviewer: Popov Ambassador

Popov is good vodka for a great price. In blind tasting at my house, it came out on top against vodkas costing 3 times as much. People were blown away when they found out what they had tasted and rated so highly.
Reviewer: Taun Aengus

Im guessing this is the best stuff on earth because I found 12 bottles of this in my ex-boyfriends garbage can. He went back to drinking and I tossed him out. I was at his house to check for alcohol after he decided to go drive somewhere after drinking one or two of these. He was speeding with no seatbelt and not paying attention when he over compensated and ended up dead in a cotton field in Arizona. Im glad he didnt kill a busload of children. Now Im taking his ashes and tossing them in one of these bottles...gonna shake it up real well and toss it in a hole. I guess it does the trick for those who need alcohol and cant face life.
Reviewer: k.a. gordon

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