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Hangar One Vodka

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The smoothest, best tasting vodka I've ever experienced. Drinkable straight even at room temperature. No burn. Great mouth feel. six stars out of five.
Reviewer: David Haynes

Without a doubt the finest tasting vodka I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. Kettle and Goose were at the top of my list until this stuff! Clarity, smoothness, and flavor that kills the Goose and pokes a hole in the Kettle!!! If you haven't tried this do yourself a favor and find the nearest resaler!!! Just Awesome!!
Reviewer: Jerry

This is a GREAT VODKA! Tried my first Hangar One while on vacation a few weeks ago. The bar had a vast assortment of vodkas some of which I had not heard of. I asked the bartender about a few of them and he highly recommended that I try Hangar One. Boy, was he right! I was a dyed in the wool Grey Goose fan before, but not any longer. Hangar One Straight is the vodka for me. Smooth as silk. These guys are also wine makers, so they take great care with their product. Hangar One is truly insanely great vodka!!! You will not be disappointed.
Reviewer: Janet B. Ross

INASNITY RULES!! You would have to be crazy not to try this vodka. You would have to be insane not to like it!! I balked at the price but was convinced to buy one and am sorry I didn't buy every bottle in the store! SMOOOOOTH!, TASTY, NO BURN...NO GOING BLIND! Share this one with only you best friends.
Reviewer: Brad S.

This is the greatest vodka ever made. A good friend of mine owns a liquor store and always sends me the newest and best vodkas. This is the best, its smooth and has great flavor. Better than Grey Goose, Belvidere, Vox, etc.
Reviewer: Hemal Patel

Don't believe the hype. This product is good but is not the cure for the common cold.
Reviewer: K. Wylie

Last night, at some party, I had my first Hangar One vodka (it was a flavored one, mandarine infused). I am still thinking about it -- what an unbelievably smooth vodka! I'm buying one today.
Reviewer: Pavle

Tried the lime flavor last night and it was WONDERFUL!!! I tasted it before I added a touch of juice, and had I been more adventurous, could have had it on the rocks......it was THAT smooth! No hangover the next morning, either.
Reviewer: G. D.

Above and beyond any Vodka on the shelf these days. This stuff is so smooth and delecious you would think that it was mixed with another liquer, but it is just that good.
Reviewer: Adeola Akinola

This is undoubtedly the BEST vodka I have ever tasted! I am a bartender in Chicago and every time I suggest a patron try Hangar One, they are just astounded by the smoothness and flavor. Try the Citron with Chambord in a martini (sugar rim). it's excellent.
Reviewer: Kathryn

One of the smoothest Vodka's I have tasted in a Martini- elegant, no burn, very neutral, but refreshing. Pricey? Yes, but worth it.
Reviewer: Peter

Had the Lime in a cosmo, just lime vodka, pure cranberry & cointreau. WOW. Had to get on the net and see other reviews to make sure I wasn't dreaming.
Reviewer: B.

The old Grey Goose just ain't what she used to be. Hangar One is so smooth, you'll swear it is water.
Reviewer: Ray

I am not rich, but it is hard to stop indulging in this luxury. I first tried it straight and tepid and was astounded. I could not help thinking at that moment, it must be that no one has made vodka quite correctly before.
Reviewer: T. J.

Hangar One came on from my local store where I buy my Belvedere or Chopin. I tend to stay with Polish vodkas but NO More. I have since bought all the flavors and have yet to be dissapointed. If you get the chance indulge yourself. You will not be sorry but will probably end up spending more time at home unless your local bar carries this fantastic drink. And please do not mix it, I could not see doing this to such a great product. Best regards, tony
Reviewer: tony

hangar One is excellent. A "misto" spray of dry vermouth on the martini glass was the only mix..and I'm sorry I added that. Completely smooth - the warmth without the burn. I'll be buying more all too soon.
Reviewer: Jim

Tried the rasberry infused Hangar One last evening.What a wonderful drink,smooth as silk.Don't care what it costs.
Reviewer: Frank Ambrose

I waited with bated breath to try this vodka in New York. When the precious fluid touched my palate, I knew that my anticipation was well deserved. It was the best martini I've ever had. I've sampled everything from Belvedere, Chopin, Grey Goose, Luksusowa, Ketel One, Three Olives, Absolut, Stoli, and more, but this one takes the cake. Only take Hangar One with a hint of vermouth; otherwise you'll miss out on the distinct but subtle flavor and texture. There is absolutely nothing about this vodka that anyone could call distasteful.
Reviewer: Matt L.

Finally!!!!!!! Vodka that has arrived, the Tiger Woods of Vodka, the Detroit Pistons of Vodka, WOW!!!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

The best vodka I have ever had. Hangar One's 'fruit infused' vodkas (the mandarin blossom & Fraser River raspberry are my favorites...for now!) are delicious and great straight or in cocktails. I would give them 10 stars if I could. Always perfect!
Reviewer: CosmoGirlinNapa

Drinks like water, I was flabbergasted
Reviewer: Cliff Martinet

Very smooth, and pretty tasty, but it has a subtle slighty-too-sweet, cotton candy sort of note to it. Overall very good, but this flavor is just not quite what I would like to be tasting...
Reviewer: Julian

One of the finest. A little hard to find. Has no hint of ethyl. A flavor like no other. Neutral but bold. This being said, I am a fan of Grey Goose. I like neutral Vodkas. If you are a Grey Gosse fan this Vodka will delight.
Reviewer: Ari Mouratides

Pour a generous cold shot of this vodka and savor it's gentle qualities with very little burn and wonder how they did it so wonderfully. Remember the phrase, "Insanely Great Vodka". I could not have summed it up better.
Reviewer: Crystal Holton

Very smooth with a wonderful tingle to the tongue. A perfect sipping Vodka served straight from the freezer. The perfect Vodka for those rainy days
Reviewer: Barry Broom

It's true. It's the best. They aren't kidding. It does not burn. Even at room temperature. It's made partly from distilled Viognier grapes. How did they do this?? Makes every other vodka I've ever had pale in comparison. Nothing comes close. I can't wait to try their flavored varieties!
Reviewer: RC

Good but not worth the price. There are dozens of vodkas that are better and cost less. Sadly didn't live up to the hype.
Reviewer: John Galt

I can't believe how overrated this vodka is. It's not even that smooth. The taste is average at best. It's not worth the high price.
Reviewer: John

immediate taste is bad, slightly less than a cheap vodka which is difficult to mix but there is no burn or aftertaste.
Reviewer: drew

Priced just right. If Grey Goose is $42 and Platinum One is $15, then the $29-33 price tag on Hangar One is just right. It's a high quality with a unique taste. It's made in part from fermented grapes. There is a hint of fruit in the aftertaste when drunk straight and tepid, which is welcomed. That fruit taste disappears when chilled or on ice.
Reviewer: DeeCee

I love this vodka. My son in law told me about it and wow I cannot get enough of it. So long Ketel One etc I am a hangar one fan forever.
Reviewer: sue k

Im 38 and I have heart disease so Im not allowed no oils or sugars, and such. So I started to drink this stuff and its very good, but then I was reading that it's distilled with wine and had to stop. Its my understanding that not all the sugar is fermented in wine, hence the sweetness (compared tp vodka). Speaking of which this is a good tasting vodka. If your into Grey Goose go here instead-Hanger One is way better for the same price.
Reviewer: jmr

I bought because it had a little tag saying Best Vodka - Food & Wine Mag. Got home and tasted it and promptly Googled. The award was from 2002. The label gives no reference to the Viognier grapes that are used with the wheat to make the vodka. (after Googling it looks like they have new labels now, not sure if this part is updated). What is results in, at least to my taste buds, was a vodka that has some undertones of sweetness. Which is fine if that's the kind of drink you're making. But when you're mixing up a dirty martini with blue cheese olives, sweet isn't what you want. It's like I used sweet vermouth instead of dry. Will be fine for tonics, cran, etc, but going back to Belvedere for my martinis.
Reviewer: Sarah

Many are saying that Hangar 1 is neutral when in fact it is not. It is made with Viognier grapes. As a wine lover I can tell you that you can taste the Viognier and that is wonderful. This vodka is ultra smooth and complex at the same time. Fruity and spicy notes entice. This is the wine lovers vodka. If you want a vodka that drinks like water - this is not it. Water has no flavor - this does have flavor - great smooth flavor! Cheers...
Reviewer: Wes

I just bought the citron hangar one vodka. It has a very different taste than other citron vodkas. I do not like the taste and prefer grey goose or kettle one. However, It is a very smooth vodka. No burning and very easy to drink straight. That is why I am giving 2 stars instead of 1. But the Buddha's hand fruit used is overpowering. I tried it in my cosmo and it was horrible.
Reviewer: Vicki

We bought lime vodka, it was horrendous. It was bitter, pungant, made my eyes water and shiver. It tasted like windex. I have tasted a variety of vodkas and this is by far the worst. It tasted like a cheap Gin. A true nightmare in my mouth. I was so disappointed because for the money I expected a better tasting vodka. It actually compelled me to write this very disturbing and disgusted taste in my mouth review. :(
Reviewer: Monica Sell

I am a gin person for 45 yrs. Hanger 1 is a very good vodka to wake a vesper martini. Excellent taste.
Reviewer: harry cardillo

I am a gin person for 45 yrs. Hanger 1 is a very good vodka to wake a vesper martini. Excellent taste.
Reviewer: harry cardillo

I admit the vodka does not burn going down, but this is not a high class vodka. I regularly drink 3 Olives and Belvedere, both of which are straight, smooth vodkas. This vodka tastes like it was cured in a barrel of scotch. There is a distinct scotch/whiskey taste to it. I actually cannot decide if I like it or not. In reality this is pretty much a grappa that is being marketed as vodka. Perhaps if it was marketed as grappa, I might have given it a more favorable review.
Reviewer: Entwise

I was happy to finally test this vodka after years of reading reviews about it. I understand the polemic here - the fact that its distilled with grain AND wine gives it a distinct character that not everyone will like. Doesn't work well in a martini, for example. However, it does have a unique quality that might appeal to some, including myself, on the rocks, for example. Final verdict: worth a shot.
Reviewer: Mark

I rarely touch anything other than beer or wine. But after tasting this vokda i am amazed. Smooth as silk and as others have said no burn. I have had other vodkas in the past, nothing close to this level of quality. Alll I can say is it's worth every penny. Enjoy!
Reviewer: Christopher Verdieck

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