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Stoli is the best. My wife and I have sampled a lot of vodkas. We always come back to Stoli.
Reviewer: Jack Barlow

I have drunken plenty of it just now. It's beautiful with a good chaser (and by this I do not mean coca cola). It definitely gets five stars in my book. Here in the states, everybody praises Skyy and Absolut, not even a contest
Reviewer: Lucifer, Sam

A smooth kiss! And you can find it almost everywhere.
Reviewer: Kjetil Aamann

Definately one of the most over-rated vodkas out there. It's amazing what a good ad-campaign can do. I'd rather drink Gordon's than Stoly.
Reviewer: Carey Holzman

Have to give it 5 stars it's a classic. I tasted many others but still Stoli is a golden standard.
Reviewer: Alex

Not the best in the world at 80 proof, but when I need a new bottle in the freezer, I can always count on Stoli. It sets the bar against which all others will be measured, and many fall short.
Reviewer: Big Red Nose

Overrated? Whatever. If anything, Stoli is underrated. You must be trying to mix it with 7-up or something. By the way, before you make yourself out as such an pompous, elite vodka-snob, learn to spell.
Reviewer: Carey Holzman is an idiot

Should be everyone's basic standard. Sure there's better, but Stoli will never let you down.
Reviewer: chopper

Regarding the poster who prefers Gordon's to Stoli,I tend to agree. I've been trying different vodkas lately after realizing I really don't like Absolut as much as I thought--it gives me a hangover the next day (my friend's agree).
Reviewer: mike

I'm not a drinker, but a recent visit to a Vodka only bar has set my onto this sublime drink. Smooth and silky, makes the most unforgetable Harvey Wallbangers. You may think me a pussy but I like it like that.
Reviewer: Sean

Yum Yum. I drink this stuff like water. Tried Smirnoff Black?? I prefer Stoli's smooth, not too spicy taste.
Reviewer: jeZZa

Not quite as smooth as some other vodkas, but with a very enjoyable mouthfeel. Finish was long, warm, and actually had a couple of layers that developed with time. Good for shots. Didn't particularly like it for mixed drinks. I'm still a beginning vodkaphile though, just my impression.
Reviewer: Evan

crisp. a bit of heat on the end. Very good but not amoung the best I've had.
Reviewer: Pete Balistrieri

Best vodka at the price. A gold-star standard. No one at your next shin-dig will mind if you're serving it.
Reviewer: Love

My favorite affordable vodka. I usually drink this on the rocks. Long live Stoli!
Reviewer: Matt

The benchmark vodka against which most others fail. Neat on a cold day, one lump of ice on a warm day, in coffee for breakfast, with a mixer at noght. The sign of a true master is its versatility
Reviewer: Harry

An OK middle of the road Vodka. I think Kettle One makes for better on the rocks and mixed drinks, and is of comparable quality. Stoli's is much more harsh.
Reviewer: RN Durham

A nice Vodka- very traditional eastern european, has a real flair, and exotic undertones that domestic vodkas do not have. Warm, smooth and balanced, makes a great Martini
Reviewer: Peter

I started drinking with this as it still is a favourite of mine. It used to be so much cheaper when the rouble was lower.
Reviewer: Chris

the most over rated vodka yet, gave me my first hangover, tastes like absolut. doesnt even mix well
Reviewer: ian oliver

Reviewer: carl

Simply the best. Another good vodka, in my book, Grey Goose is not bad, but has no character. Kettle One might be a close second as well. I found Stoli very difficult to find when traveling to Romania and Italy..
Reviewer: B Svec

I have one in each flavor in my freezer, I love the way it slushes up. Straight up or mixed it is the best affordable Vodka out there... never a hangover, unless I've mixed it with a liquer, I treat myself to other premium Vodkas, but always return to Stoli!
Reviewer: Kim

Way too harsh for a vodka at this price. It has flavor, but it's not necessarily the type of flavor I adore. You can find better vodka martini's at an equal or lower price (Luksusowa, Ketel One, etc.).
Reviewer: Matt L.

Tried and true exellent vodka. Not the best but the high mark standard.
Reviewer: CJ

I would like to comment on this fine Vodka. I believe it has everything going on for itself. It tastes great and the price is rather modest for what you get. While there is many better tasting Vodkas out there, it comes at a price. Stoli, is just a great Vodka overall and I highly recommend it. I strongly recommend this Vodka chilled over room temp when tasting, or comparing to other Vodkas as when I think this Vodka shines .
Reviewer: Matthew

The best! Better than Goose or Ketel. Very smooth in your mouth and doesn't burn going down. I've tasted other more expensive vodkas and continue to come back to Stoli.
Reviewer: G

Have been drinking Soli solid for 2 years now. NEVER a hangover, unless I kill a 5th by myself (rare). Smooth, slight bite, lets you know its there, just enough...
Reviewer: Blount

this is a classic. and very good for its price. i always have some in my freezer.
Reviewer: Maksim Markov

Pretty smooth, with a little hint of sweetness. Not the best vodka on the market, but still pretty good
Reviewer: peter

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Stoli's. Just about the best brand on the planet, IMO.
Reviewer: M. Satterwhite

The best of the best. People who say goose is better have no idea what good vodka is. Great bold taste but in no way harsh; I drink it out of the bottle warm at times, doesn't matter. $25 for this stuff is a great deal. New blueberry is almost as good.
Reviewer: Troy

This stuff is kind of overrated. I thought it was just average.
Reviewer: John

My standard for martinis. Potato vodkas (Chopin, Cold River) are great by themselves, but have too much character for martinis. Belvedere's too expensive, Absolut's a little lacking in character, Smirnoff's too harsh. Vermouth matters too. Noilly-Prat is slightly better than M & R, which is better than Stock
Reviewer: Paul Althouse

stoli is good vodka at a good price, have drank many bottles of it, I have moved on but I would not hesitate to buy a bottle of stoli if I couldnt find my regular brand(banff ice), it is a wheat vodka so they added a touch of artficial sweatener to it. you can do a lot worse than stoli
Reviewer: jeremy s

Relatively cheap vodka (couple dollars more than Smirnoff) with a less harsh after taste and more friendly feel. None of that straight petroleum you get from cheaper vodka's. Good all-rounder for straight or mixes. Thankyou Russia!
Reviewer: Hachoo

Simply a classic. Very good for just about anything youd want to do with it.
Reviewer: Sheridan

Stolichnaya is an excellent vodka. A very Russian vodka. By that I mean it is not like those produced in Poland or The Netherlands, or America. An acquired taste, it is a style unto itself. In it, one can almost taste the fading glory of the old Soviet Union.
Reviewer: Jack Nore

One of my favourite Vodkas, always come back to it when venturing out to other brands. Nothing in it's price range is as good, the elite vodkas are the closest competition.
Reviewer: Andre Rison

served best naked
Reviewer: vlad

Overrated big time. It is average. I'm Russian and it's sad they still produce this crap. It tastes the same as 20 years ago, college years. It's just great marketing. Russians know how to make vodka. BS. I've had better.
Reviewer: Yuri

Mellow nose with a hint of charcoal, toasted wheat, liquorice, with a touch of grape, medium, slightly sharp finish. Being the well worn path, Stoli still finds a balance. I would like to call it a 3, but it could use abit of refinement. Not a poor purchase to be sure, but there are cheaper vodkas I enjoy.
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

Gives me really bad hangovers. Not sure if it is the wheat or something else in the creation of this product.
Reviewer: al

simply amazing, no other way of putting it.
Reviewer: calum

Doesn't anyone remember that Stoli used to be a bottom of the barrel, brown bag, vodka? I guess if you hold your nose and mix it with enough vodka it might be bearable.
Reviewer: Rowland

I am a U.S. merchant marine , back in 1973 , one of the first americans to step foot on Russian soil , 61 days in the port of Odessa. Stolichnaya sold for 10 cents a bottle ! when real liquors sold for 4-5.00 a bottle .The local community considered it one step below horse urine and blamed Stolichnaya as the #1 culprit lending to the millions of alchoholics in their country .I purchased $10.00 worth , 100 bottles and threw at least 60 of them out the porthole during the 27 day return trip. I'm quite shocked at how fooled America is . I heard through respected sources that Pesi traded 1 can pepsi for 1 bottle of Stoly ! Maybe it's time to unmask the truth, how about you-tube ? Kevin White
Reviewer: Kevin White

For years I wanted to try this vodka, but it was always to expensive for me. So last weekend I finally bought a 750 ml bottle, it came out close to $25.00 with tax included. The stolichnaya website say this it a wheat vodka distilled 3 times. Friday night I opened the bottle and poured 100 ml into a glass with ice, then added some twist up lemon lime soda. Took my 1st drink and immediately got the taste of the vodka on my tongue. It wasn't bad, just consistent. By the end of the night I had 6 shots total. The next day I didn't feel so hot. Saturday I finished the rest of the bottle, by Saturday night my stomach was upset. I came to the conclusion that you just can't drink this like Sobieski vodka and get away with it. In the future I might buy this vodka again, it must be flavored and on sale. What I now know about this Russian vodka is: if you decide to drink more, you better hydrate more before going to sleep.
Reviewer: Joshua

Stolichnaya is typical. I kept it in the freezer and I was surprised it wasn't so bad. Actually I started to get into in but I had two other vodkas next to it and it started to show it's weakness. Plus at the end of each sip it started to get to me. For the price (same as Tito's) i might buy it again.
Reviewer: jmr

Stoli is by far the best tasting and smoothest vodka on the market. I drink it on the rocks with 3 olives. It's made from pure Artesial water.
Reviewer: Daryl

It has been my vodka of choice for a long time, so much that I have kept some put away that has "Imported from USSR" on the labels
Reviewer: R

Its queen of vodkas!!!!
Reviewer: Michal

Stolichnaya is no longer, and hasen't been for quite a while, Russian vodka; it is distilled and bottled in the EEC and tastes completely different to the Old Russian production. It now compares with the harsh, peppery cheap UK produced vodka. Many online drinks companies are still claiming Stolichnaya to be authentic Russian produced vodka, even displaying the old labelling which reads ‘ Russian Vodka ‘, but look closely at the label next time you’re in a big supermarket it reads ‘ Premium vodka ‘ made in the EEC.
Reviewer: Alan Knight

Stoli is not made in the UK , not Russia. It is made in Riga, the capital of Latvia . The company uses Russian winter wheat and glacial water. It is a very smooth vodka due to filtration process. Grey Goose is the most overpriced, overrated vodka. It is harsh and burns at room temp. no vodka should do that. It sells due to label snobbery.
Reviewer: Don-UK

Nice smooth affordable vodka. Not the best but got a good price/quality ratio where I live.
Reviewer: Rik

Stoli is great - for what it is. Its not fair to try to compare a vodka like this to a premium brand. Would you compare Popov to Stolichnaya?
Reviewer: Maritimer

A friend and I took a bottle of this on holiday a few months ago. We were unaware of the hype surrounding the brand but bought it as we read that it was quite good. We both thoroughly enjoyed the vodka. I actually preferred sipping it at room temperature than in mixed mixed drinks. The label still read "Russian Vodka" but was still produced by SPI. Is this vodka the same as the one with the new "Premium Vodka" label? Please could someone let me know. This is definitely a staple for any home bar.
Reviewer: Luke Kibble

Really delicious and so smooth. Perfect for a gift for somebody who likes vodka as the bottle is gorgeous and very modern.It makes my personality cury and adds whoomp factor. Love the whole Stoli range especially the new Stoli Chocolate Raspberry one!!
Reviewer: maria

It tastes cheap (because it is), disgusting, and it never fails to give me a hangover. I prefer more high quality brands that taste good and don't make me regret drinking it the next day.
Reviewer: Christina

I have tried blind taste tests with friends and Stoli always does well. My regular martini vodka. Salut!
Reviewer: Jimmy Wiz

Nice flavor balances between sweet and peppery, has a slight milk taste to it at the finish that keeps it from 5 stars
Reviewer: Jon

Stoli is a fair vodka. It's definitely better than Skyy, Smirnoff & Absolut. Personally I like it better for cocktails. It has kind of a metal taste to it even in cocktails. It's ok for cold shots, but it's always given me a terrible hangover. Not sure why. Bottom line I'd take Stoli over Skyy or Smirnoff anyday, but there's much better smoother vodkas out there.
Reviewer: Rob

Entry is sweet with a certain woody, vanilla quality. Mouthfeel is a bit thin, as is often characteristic of Eastern European vodkas. Flavor fades into a spicier and slightly bitter (but pleasant) rye character. Reasonably smooth on the throat and a lasting finish of raw, resinous wood, a tinge of charcoal, and a hint of vanilla and hazelnut. A quality vodka, but there are some which are both lower in price and better.
Reviewer: Pazuzu

I gave Stoli 5 stars because imo you can't get better in the UK for the price. We get stung on taxes & price for alcohol here so it's not the cheapest but certainly not the most expensive. It's an adult vodka, so ppl looking for a watery alco taste with no body probably won't like Stoli. It has a rich, smooth taste that doesn't burn or have a nasty after taste. Ketel One is lovely, however Stoli just pips it to the post for me. Better than Belvedere as that's too non descript & tasteless. Sure Grey Goose is better but then it should be as it's about double the price. Stoli gives GG a good run for it's money tho & second to GG & Ciroc Berry.
Reviewer: Nikki

I bumped into this post sight while searching for new vodkas & was amazed at the commentary: Gordon's better than Stoli? What do you add Diet Coke? And Carey Holzman can't spell so MD 20/20 is probably his favorite. As for Kevin White, Pesi? Really? That is why the merchant marines won't take Boy Scouts. Christina, go back to appletinis w/o alcohol ...will eliminate your hangovers & your ridiculous postings. As a long time (circa 1968) straight vodka person I keep Stoli in my refrigerator, not the freezer as I care little for a vodka snow cone. Yes, there are smoother vodkas (Ketel goes through the still additional times) and therefore, removes more aldehydes & other impurities. But vodkas are all Ethanol Alcohol & water in their out of the still stage. Other Flavors are then added & taste-like beauty-is in the eyes of the beholder. Stay thirsty my friends. Mike S, adjunct professor of chemistry @ VVCU
Reviewer: Mikey

I really enjoy the taste of Stoli, it has flavor and character and it's not outrageously priced.
Reviewer: Dee

Reviewer: Robert Redlight

A decent go to vodka for the price. Did just ok in our taste tests. Nothing stood out about which can be considered good or bad.
Reviewer: steve chelmicki

Thirty years ago I bought a bottle of Smirnoff vodka and ... decided that I didn't like vodka. Last year I bought a bottle of Absolute just to 'try vodka' again. I liked it! Since then I've been reading reviews and have tried about a dozen vodkas. My favorite vodka is Stolichnaya; plain, simple Stoli. I find that it has little afterburn and the taste stays on the same pure note on my palette from start to finish.
Reviewer: Andrew

For a pouring brand Stoli is simply the best vodkas around. In our regular vodka tastings Stoli's standard product always figures in the top 3. Amazed me....
Reviewer: Rory Keegan

I've been drinking Stoli for about 35 years - always have one in the freezer. I've tried many, I like Gray Goose, but can't afford the high price. For home drinking of vodka on the rocks, I don't think you can beat Stole. I am not a fan of the 100 proof - no mater the brand.
Reviewer: Darrel Sholders

I see, that many people around the world give different ratings to this vodka. Maybe just Stoli is different in different countries. But I live, where it's homeland is - in Latvia and I can say that this vodka here isn't the worst, but it is faaar from the best. 4 - For mixing in cocktails in proportion 1/4 to other ingredients . 3 - For drinking it clean(better not) I'd recommend to freeze it a bit. And I know a legend which says, that this vodka is made from bad quality alcohol. However, that cannot be that bad. I had this vodka many times and still alive and not blind, but had a slight headache in the morning
Reviewer: Arthur

Super smooth, tasty, almost like drinking water. Besides its quality its also one of the cheapest vodkas on the market, even in my liquor dystopia homeland of Canada. If you can't stomach Stoli, vodka isn't for you.
Reviewer: Gabriel Trüdel.

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