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Wow! Ciroc is distilled from snap frost grapes, in France. Very bright, crisp and smooth, you can really taste the essence of grape...currently my favorite, on par with Hangar One Straight (which also uses grapes in the distilling process).
Reviewer: jojo

If you like drinking your wife's perfume bottle on the rocks, you might like this stuff. Stick with making wine with grapes! YUK!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Smooth, sweet finish. One of the best tasting vodkas I have ever tried--much better than Grey Goose. Can't wait to taste any flavored Ciroc, if it should be offered in the future.
Reviewer: Terry Caldwell

Delicious, clean and refreshing! The fruit essence is there, without being fruity and artificial tasting, like "flavored" vodkas taste. Very nice!
Reviewer: TJ Weger

Interesting in it's own right. Perhaps this may be heresy but it has a distictly gin-like flavor to me - with notes very similar to Bombay Sapphire gin. Even so, it it much cleaner and crisper. VERY easy to drink straight over ice. Definately a new favoite.
Reviewer: AJ

The initial taste reminds me of Cognac, but it's not such a strong flavor to make you think that's what you're drinking. I'm not sure I like the aftertaste quite as much as some others though, but overall it's a very enjoyable vodka. One of my favorites for sure.
Reviewer: Steve

Blech! Is vodka supposed to taste like a Glade Plug-In? After a few of my friends recommended this vodka to me, I thought I would try it in a martini at the House of Blues last night. Worst mistake ever. I'll take Smirnoff over that distilled air freshener if ever faced with such a dilemma in the future. After i downed that horror, I had a martini with Grey Goose, which is by no means my favorite vodka, but for as much as I enjoyed it after the first one, it might as well have been.
Reviewer: Chris Hodson

Very nice! Sweet then a hint of citrus clean and smooth. No after taste This is one of my faverite's
Reviewer: JW

A sweeter taste with a note of citrus. This is not a lemon vodka but the grapes have a distinct flavoring all their own that makes this one of the best. Definitely try with tonic as well as rocks.
Reviewer: Jack

This is one good vodka. You get your money's worth. One of my new favs.
Reviewer: yo

best vodka in teh world. i recommend to anyone. way better than Grey goose or belvedere or any of the other well marketed vodkas.
Reviewer: fdsga

I was in the liquor store and saw this vodka, never hearing about it i thought id give it a try. well it tastes like smirnoff or absolut, very strong smell, medicinal taste but in its defense it does mix well. but the best well the only good thing about it was the bad ass bottle it cam in. at about the same price as grey goose it was a rip. but i guess worth a try.
Reviewer: ian oliver

Received as a birthday gift. Not bad!! Try it on the rocks with half a lime. Uniqe and enjoyable. Smooth.
Reviewer: Joe Joe the Dog Faced Boy

Incredibly smooth, with a gently sweet taste from the grapes. The only reason this gets a 4 and not a 5 is because the only garnish or addition one can make is a grape at the bottom.
Reviewer: Jeff

Really, really BAD, awful, terrible. By far one of the worst tasting things ever to go into my mouth. I think it could very well be French president Ciroc's revenge on the US. I saw it on display and thought it might be good like Grey Goose at a cheaper cost. I was very, very wrong. It is worse that Popov, Kamchatka, and Barton. It is worse than horrible. I wish I could get a refund. Maybe I'll use it to clean windows.
Reviewer: Sudz

Not bad tasting, but too sweet for my taste.. The grape flavor is prominent, and in my opinion vodka shouldn't taste like grapes, so I gave it a low rating..
Reviewer: Blues

Super smooth, wonderful vodka. Great taste. My personal favorite. Sip it on ice.
Reviewer: David

I usually prefer Grey Goose but this was great. Quite a surprise. Never had vodka from grapes before. Will add to top two favorites.
Reviewer: Jazzejo

Has a very distinct flavor unlike most vodka's I've tried. You can definitly get the feel of the grapes used in the distillation, too much bite for me though. Would keep this lying around the house though with a bottle of Grey Goose as a backup.
Reviewer: shawn

I tried it in a martini before a ball game. It tasted a heck of a lot like Absolut in a martini except the bite lasts longer and isn't as severe. If you know anything about vodka, you really ought to avoid this vodka.
Reviewer: Matt L.

Not bad. Has a grappa twist to it.I liked it, but then again i like a good Grappa als.
Reviewer: mike hunt

This is probably the most overrated vodka. It serves no other purpose than to look good in my liquor cabinet. I don't know, I think people like it just because most idots can't pronounce the name correctly
Reviewer: Brittany

Why does this taste like aftershave?
Reviewer: Jason

Very nice. Smooth yet somewhat sharp. Distinct taste. Better than even Grey Goose.
Reviewer: Sean Langley

This has to be one of the smoothest vodkas I've ever come across. Even people I know who only like mixed drinks have enjoyed chilled shots of this. It does have a notable finish of grapes but the initial taste is very clean. And though it may sound strange I prefer enjoy this one all by itself.
Reviewer: Chris Y.

Hmmm. . . Grapes. It's not a traditional vodka, but does have a pleasing flavor. Laypeople won't know the difference, and some traditionalists will eschew the fruitiness, but when it's served from the freezer it has a distinct character all its own and is very good. Very nuanced and not harsh at all. I would recommend it for vodkaphiles seeking a change of pace from traditional grain or potatoe vodkas.
Reviewer: chris

I like it a lot. Worth every penny. And who cares that it made in France.
Reviewer: Salvador

fabulous with white grape juice. Soft and smooth, with a wine-like appeal. Very memorable
Reviewer: Edgar

I love this stuff! It's super smooth and has a pleasent burn. Crisp and has a nice fruit essence to it. It's my favorite, followed by Belvedere and Finlandia.
Reviewer: David

I bought the gift set with two novel Ciroc martini glasses. Considering the glasses themselves were woth the money it was easy to pour the remainder of the bottle down the drain. It is that bad.
Reviewer: Johno

Worse then Smirnoff, and I didnt think that was possible. Nuff said negative 5
Reviewer: Jason Roman

Not the best vodka. It is a unique liquid tho. I am gonna say that it is unique enough to not be a true vodka. I would pass on buying this again but I am glad I tried it. Oh by the way it's TERRIBLE!!!!!
Reviewer: Ari Mouratides

Did not enjoy at all. Sticking with Stoli Elit for now. Still enjoy Goose. Cavalli nothing special.
Reviewer: B

I thought the name for the vodka from grapes is Cha-Cha or Rachiu? Maybe i am wrong but Cha-Cha i remember from Georgia were much better
Reviewer: Serge

if you consider this a vodka i got a bridge to sell you
Reviewer: leslie

I hated it, left an un-pleasent fruity taste in my mouth that i couldnt get out whole time i was drinking and hours after, plus it didnt even get me that drunk this stuff is very weak, im sticking with roberto cavalli vodka or grey goose on a rainy day. One of the worst vodkas ever, if u even wanna call it that. 2 stars
Reviewer: Shawn

Very smooth and pleasant, better than the overrated Grey Goose, no aftertaste.
Reviewer: Leon

This vodka is ridiculously good. Addictive and slightly flavored, it really does make you want to purr. Best vodka I've ever had, bar none.
Reviewer: Tara

Don't understand some of the negative reviews here. I've been a vodka guy for 20 years, and this vodka is #1 in my household...better than Goose, Ketel One, Level, Effen, Belvedere, Van Gogh...It's not a flavored vodka--it's distilled from grapes. Like other vodkas, it absolutely must be stored in the freezer, though. This product cannot be served at room temperature, and that may be the underlying cause of many of these negative reviews. When served chilled, the liquid thickens, caresses the pallette softly, goes down subtle and smooth with little or no bite, and the slight hint of grape hits the back of the throat. Mixes well with fruit-based drinks, too. If you've never had "frozen" vodka, try storing your bottle in the freezer and I'll bet you'll change your mind about this brand (as well as others).
Reviewer: Tony

I drink everything NEAT. This stuff is incredibly smooth, but I find it lacks character - it's boring! I keep it around for guests who don't really like to taste their liquor - great for mixing.
Reviewer: richard price

I like it to sip over ice. But who the heck are all these people drinking their wife's perfume, Glade and aftershave?
Reviewer: slipperypete

Ciroc is definitely a great vodka. There is no aftertaste and no burn, and pretty smooth. I really didn't taste the grape on my initial taste but you can get a hint of it.. It mixes very, very well with any drink. I mixed it with sprite and then mixed it with some grape kool aid (the best), and both were awesome, is adds sweetness.
Reviewer: Ciroc Star

it's ok
Reviewer: John

I happen to like Ciroc. It does have a bitterness in the finish. But I feel the flavor adds a uniqueness to this grape derived vodka. A decently smooth vodka, good for mixing. Not sure if this would be my top choice to sip straight, but definitely tolerable. I give it 4 stars since I can't find anything else like it in taste, and it's smoothness is comparable to Ketel One. Nice for a change. There are better overall vodkas for the price though. But I would give it a try.
Reviewer: Mike W

Outstanding. Simply the best!
Reviewer: Nick

Had it in a martini with just a little vermouth. I liked it, but not worth the price. $10 less and I'd give it a four.
Reviewer: Jeff

Very good smooth vodka, tastes really good mixed with white grape juice. Can't smell it or taste it. Won't give you a hangover.
Reviewer: Kat


VERY smooth. The best vodka I've ever had. AMAZING
Reviewer: Jamie

Dry, lightly acidic nose, green grape, light peach, and hint of apple, sweet, medium finish. I gave this a one only because it's a grappa, despite all efforts to package it as a vodka, so it's not really fair to judge it as one.
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

Ciroc is very very smooth. When I first tried it I was impressed, but I tend to get a headache after drinking it. First time I thought it was a hangover, but after trying it again in (probably 2 shots) it still gave me a headache. It's just not for me.
Reviewer: kj in detroit, mi

Ciroc is a good blend of vodka I like the smooth taste
Reviewer: Quis Wilson

Very nice up buzz and grape notes in the aftertaste. Unique, smooth and does not hit me like a truck in the morning. This would be my number one vodka if the price was a little better. The heavy marketing with PDIDDy or whatever his name was? kept me from trying this favorite for years. This is the best yet!!
Reviewer: al

For some reason I love the Coconut Ciroc vodka! They must have put something addictive in it because this is now all I drink! I love it cold from the fridge. I am not a young girl. I at one time loved tequila, rum, etc. but now Coconut Ciroc is the ticket..kind of expensive though....
Reviewer: Honey in Upper Marlboro

After hearing my friend rant and rave about this Vodka for months i finally decided to buy it to see what the fuss was about... my my what a mistake, as another poster has said i may aswell drink a bottle of Dior for all the difference it would make...
Reviewer: calum

Very smooth
Reviewer: carlos

Wasn't expeting much from this as I assumed the popularity was all hype due to the Diddy connection but was pleasantly surprised. The fact it's made from grapes gives it a different taste to most vodkas and a sweet after taste. Been drinking it with just ice and it's delicious.
Reviewer: Chris brannigan

Love it... goes down as smooth as apple juice... been drinking vodka for 36 years and I've never tasted something as godly as this nectar... Love it...
Reviewer: Gabriel Theodore

Delicious! Hands down the best vodka I've ever had. I only used to serve Ketel One or Chopin to my house guests, but now this is the top choice.

As an experienced Single Malt drinker and collector I frequently drink other spirits like Grappa, Cognac and some Vodkas. I tasted Cîroc at room temperature in a glencairn nosing and tasting glass. Comparing this to the 23 other vodkas in my collection this one tastes unique, a very strong citrus peel (zest) flavor in a very smooth vodka is the basis. I the back are hints of grass, Grappa and cardamone. Comparing this to other vodka I would mark this 4/5, comparing it to grappa's and young cognacs I'd probably go for 3+/5. Although I get the perfume reverence people make, I disagree. But it's defiantly not a classic vodka in the sense that it's not neutral.
Reviewer: Paul

Yuck. My cousin raved about this stuff. The first shot we did almost made me vomit. It does not taste like vodka. And for 35$ a bottle to boot?
Reviewer: Bry

It has potato and corn in it along with wheat andcgrapes..I prefer just wheat vodka.
Reviewer: Marie

Do not drink this.
Reviewer: Jack Calt

All hype. Terrible. Anything from Diageo is suspect. I question anything they make. I think they mass produce, cut corners and do not make many products they own or distribute as it should be. They shut down plants around the world that started certain names like Johnnie Walker for one. I have seen a couple of their facilities. Train cars with tankers bring it in and trucks ship it out. So who really knows. Someone needs to confirm how they make sooo many spirits. Oh yeah, Ciroc, it is a joke. I would not drink anything so heavily endorsed and placed on purpose. So many sheep.
Reviewer: T. Yuinzing

I drink Russian vodka. How does one compete with the inventors of vodka? But I keep a bottle on hand for my young friends who are easily impressed. Honestly, I A/B'd it with Cristall, no comparison. None. You want a pretty good French vodka, try Froggy B.
Reviewer: Harlan Tuhey

lol, ciroc is a new company founded in 2007, and promoted by a Hip-hop artist. from my experience anything heavily by a well know celeb is trash. and indeed it is got stomach ache first time I tried it!!! I agree its like your gf's perfume. For me its GREYGOOSE, VOX, ABSOULTE, STOLI, KETTLE ONE...SO MANY OTHERS
Reviewer: jason

So good!!! The only vodka that I have found to like!!!
Reviewer: chrissy

Ciroc peach in the 44 oz cup tonight. About a 75%/25% ratio (Ciroc with Monster Zero Ultra). Very smooth with sweet finish. You could drink this premium vodka well into the night after a long day at work, and even wake up early the next day for work again without 'repercussions' (hang over, dehydration, feeling like hell, etc). Premium vodka = premium feeling next day :-)
Reviewer: Bradley Hinson

Not vodka. I think it is a grappa.
Reviewer: Droel

Ciroc has been rebranded so many times because it is awful! Hottest vodka in da' hood though...so what does that tell you! Keep pushing this stuff on my people and there is really going to be a revolution!
Reviewer: kennywest

the absolute worst vodka i ever bought. not even sure i would call it a vodka, tasted like vermouth was already added. for people who don't like vodka, you may like this.
Reviewer: steve chelmicki

That ciroc apple was horrible. All that acid and sugar ate through the lining of my stomach. I thought I was gonna have to go to the ER. It was coming from both ends. I'll just stick to my ciroc coconut.
Reviewer: Ron

Love this new ciroc apple w/ cranberry juice or Seagram's margarita wine coolers so nice. Reminds me of an appletini some sweet flavors are bad but this ones perfect n no aftertaste
Reviewer: jayjay

Tried it for the first time today, I wish I had bought the smaller bottle. Almost the worst tasting Vodka I've ever tried. Chopin/Stoli/Russian Standard are all cheaper, and taste much better. It's way to sweet, it really doesn't taste like Vodka, if I wanted a flavored Vodka I would've purchased one.
Reviewer: Chris

Ths isnt vodka.
Reviewer: Ty

This stuff is awful. With so many great vodkas in the world, don't bother.
Reviewer: Mark

I find this smooth and flavorful. I like the red berry & apple flavors. I was a Grey Goose fan but found out if your going to have a drink Ciroc is one of the healthier choices.
Reviewer: Valerie

A vodka for people who don't like vodka. Too sweet. Not good for any mixed drinks of the savory variety (can't make my sunday bloody mary's with this!!!). Bite was harsh. Overpriced for what it is. I would have probably loved this stuff a decade ago when I drank basically sugar mixed alcohol drinks. I gave it two stars only because it didn't taste artificial to me. I'm sure sugar addicts will love this, but it is not what you'd expect out of a vodka. I'll stick back with Stoli, Titos, and Russian Standard.
Reviewer: Ally

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